Consumers Energy
A new voice for electric vehicles.
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Consumers Energy
A new voice for electric vehicles.
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Use our Fast Charging Stations
Before you take your next road trip across Michigan, check out the new map of our 24 fast charging stations that span 250 miles from north to south. Plus, we plan to launch almost 200 more over the next three years!
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With the help of Consumers Energy and other strategic partners, Meijer expects to have more than 100 additional charging points by the end of this year and will continue their expansion of EV charging infrastructure.
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Basic EV Myths
With any disruptive paradigm shift, there will be questions and myths. Here are the most common ones we hear:
Too expensive
With first generation EVs now a bargain on the used car market, there are plenty of affordable options with many models under $10,000.
High maintenance
If you know how to change a wiper blade and know a good place to get your tires rotated, that’s about the extent of your annual maintenance.
Inconvenient home charging
Plug it in when you get home and forget about it. Wake up to a full “tank” of electrons every day.
Driving electric is just a “long tailpipe”
Driving an electric vehicle today already results in less global warming emissions than the average gasoline-fueled vehicle.
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ChargePoint is a popular charging station provider in Michigan. Before you head out on a road trip, consider setting up an account and downloading the app.
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Share the EV Love!
Since most people charge at home, the Consumers Energy PowerMIDriveTM program offers EV drivers $500 in rebates for installing electric vehicle chargers at their home. It also comes with electric rates that encourage EV drivers to charge their vehicle between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. to get the most savings on their electric bill, maximize the benefits of EV ownership, and optimize demand on the energy grid.
Getting more electric vehicles on the road promotes reduced carbon emissions – leaving the planet cleaner for future generations.
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