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A new voice for electric vehicles.
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Consumers Energy
A new voice for electric vehicles.
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Helping You Stay Charged Up
It’s been two years since we launched PowerMIDriveTM and in that time, we’ve provided over 600 rebates for home, business and public charging stations that make electric vehicle ownership convenient and affordable.
What’s more is that those rebates include 24 fast charging station locations, which can fully power a vehicle’s battery in less than an hour. There were only four as recently as last summer. Another dozen should start operating in the next six months with over 200 becoming operational in the next three years!
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Tucked just outside the charming lakeside village of Saugatuck off a well-traveled highway, the Roan & Black art gallery provides an idyllic atmosphere to recharge yourself and your EV.
The contemporary art gallery installed two DC fast chargers and two level 2 chargers with the help of rebates offered through PowerMIDrive and grants obtained from the State of Michigan. Having EV chargers available has brought in new business for the gallery, but also for their neighbor – the Pennyroyal Café.
Offering up an oasis for customers and travelers alike, what better way to pass the time while your EV charges than to grab a bite to eat, have some coffee and shop unique pieces from emerging artists and sculptors.
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Motorcycles and Three Wheelers
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Did you know that most EVs will let you start the climate control from an app or key fob? Warm up or cool down your car while you’re getting ready to head out and never get into an uncomfortably hot or cold vehicle again.
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Share the EV Love!
Since most people charge at home, the Consumers Energy PowerMIDriveTM program offers EV drivers $500 in rebates for installing electric vehicle chargers at their home. It also comes with electric rates that encourage EV drivers to charge their vehicle between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. to get the most savings on their electric bill, maximize the benefits of EV ownership, and optimize demand on the energy grid.
Getting more electric vehicles on the road promotes reduced carbon emissions – which helps leave the planet a better place.
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